I draw and paint since I remember.  My head is full of ideas.  I like to create new things. My paintings are part of me, reflection of my experiences  and  thoughts. Thanks  to  painting I get rid of everyday life, and  move to another world, where I dream and rest. My paintings show my world, my feelings and my heart. I paint images of different themes realistic, abstractions, but they combine the emotions that accompanied me in recent years.  I invite you to watch the gallery.  Here you will find unique paintings on canvas that depict landscapes,  architecture, flowers, abstraction.  The works are hand painted and unique.  They were created through my passion and many years of painting practice. Pictures  are  hand  painted with oil,  acrylic or combined paint.  Most often  used  with  high  quality  spatula  and brushes.  Art  paints combined with the right painting tools give you tremendous creative possibilities that can be appreciated by painting.  They met with interest in galleries in Miami, Los Angeles and London. The  original  depiction is a cotton canvas stretched on a wooden frame of  neatly selected pine wood.  Certainly my modern paintings can  emphasize the style of  any interior and raise the prestige of any home.  My paintings available on the site  are perfect  for decorating both modern and old interiors.  Maybe one of my paintings will fit to your home décor. I would like to work with those who enjoy my work.  Do you like my paintings? Would like to have one? Please write: